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NO BOYS ALLOWED, the new co-working rule

Part women’s social club, part co- working studio, part beauty- wellness space; empowering spaces for women are popping up and are more “coven” than sorority.

In the last few decades, the number of female entrepreneurs has been increased by 68% and women are flocking to female-centred co-working spaces.

These new women's clubs are made by women for women, and answer to women entrepreuneurs' needs. They thumb their noses to the old-fashioned patriarchal Gentlemen's Clubs and create safe spaces where women feel "at home".

The Wing is a female-only space in NYC which offers a breast-feeding room, on-demand blowouts, as well as a library and markedly feminine decor.

Paper Dolls, Los Angeles

The Wing, NYC

The AllBright, London

The Riveter, Seattle

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