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DIOR took over the Rodin Museum reviving the spirit of May 68, transforming the museum pasted in feminist slogans, torn up women’s magazine covers and political posters from the 1960s.

“Equality of rights and duties remains the biggest quest of our time.”

Maria Grazia Chuiri explains she is animated by the battle for equality. The Creative Director of the Couture house, made it very clear with the new slogan "C'est NON NON NON et NON!" of her fall-winter collection, revealed on the Paris Fashion Week podiums.

The fashion show happened in the Musee Rodin, completely transformed, plastered in feminist visuals. On the podium, Dior presented an armanda of feminists who are done with apologizing. La femme Dior, is an amazon ready to jump on her horse (literally wearing horse riding boots) wearing her most revolutionary attire: berets, knitted sweaters with the peace symbol, pleated skirts in rebel tartan...

Although the look is inspired by the 1968 anti-establishment legacy, the message is very relevant and current : in a post-Weinstein climate, the word "NON" takes a political dimension more than ever. The knitted 3-letters claim the capital importance of consent.

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