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Brands are surfing on the Weinstein wave selling feminist clothing. And it works.

A full blown explosion.

Between January 1st and January 18th 2018, sells of clothes with feminists slogans tripled compared to the same time in 2017. Same for the black dresses - Stars wore black dresses at the Golden Globes in a militant gesture following the Weinstein scandal. Those staggering numbers were revealed by Edited, a company that scans more than 700 millions of online products to help brands strategize in accordance to what sells the most. Inspired by the Women's March on Jan. 20th and by all the celebrities wearing black a few days before, women rush to the internet to buy clothes that became symbolic of their solidarity against sexual harassment.

" A lot of fast-fashion companies like Zara or Forever 21 reacted really fast presenting more black clothes and more activist T-shirts with feminist slogans in their collections." says Katie Smith, Director of sales analysis at Edited.

Those commercial pieces have seduced all spheres of fashion, from the giants of fast-fashion to the Haute Couture collections.

Maria Grazia Chuiri, Creative Director of Dior loves to incorporate feminist messages in her creations too. Remember her T-shirt with the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie " We Should All Be Feminists" , or more recently of the slogan "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists ?, paying tribute to the researcher, Linda Nochlin.

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