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NW-LA was created in 2016 with the overarching goal of empowering women in the arts and change the collective narrative about gender. 

It has grown into a vibrant local community of artists and influencers gathering through speaking events, workshops and group exhibitions. 

NWLA Trend•Lab is a cultural laboratory harnessing powerful insights from the community of artists and influencers Nasty Women Los Angeles through novel conversation formats. Our intimate gatherings - salons, speaking events, creative round tables, workshops and group exhibitions - engage participants both at intellectual and creative levels, and offer a platform for novel ideas and expressions. 


NWLA Trend•Lab developed a proprietary methodology leveraging semiotics, consumer behavior analysis and creative processes to help companies and organizations close the gender gap in their strategic development, visual identity and marketing. The core objective is to create content that supports and fosters gender and minority inclusive stories.

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