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Anaïs Godard

Storyteller & Semiotician, Founder of the NWLA Trend•Lab

"I believe Innovation comes from a human place. It is linked to a human experience. And human experiences happen through engaging with the arts." Anaïs.

Anaïs belongs to a new generation of socially conscious artists who leverage technology, storytelling and cultural insights to create thought-provoking contents and immersive experiences.

Holding a Masters in Journalism and a Masters in Semiotics, Anaïs specializes in trend forecasting. Her research thesis explored the impact of immersive storytelling on society at large and the female representation in the media.


Anaïs' career spanned the entertainment industries. Her 10+ year experience as a writer and producer allowed her to observe first hand the stories we told about gender in the media. 

Leveraging insights gleaned throughout her career and her passion for social impact Anaïs also worked as Executive Director of The Echo Society, a non-profit organization creating transformative artistic experiences.

More of her work as an artist HERE.

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